• Literacy
  • Advanced Literacy
  • Research


  • Starting Build (22)
  • Starting Body (4 Total)

Purchasable Oelyte Abilities

  • 4 Build: Meditative Recall

The Oelytes are known for their incredible cognitive powers. With this skill an Oelyte may recall lost memories, provided they had at one point written them down. The character will be given 30 minutes with a lost or stolen book of spells, prayers, recipes, or other document to recopy the contents. This skill must be used within 48 hours of losing the document.

  • 6 Build: Psychotransfer

With this unique mental discipline, an Oelyte may instantly impart the knowledge of a single skill to any other person. This avoids the usual time requirement for learning a new skill. The Oelyte must place their hand on the students forehead to use this skill. This can only be used for teaching skills to others, and does not allow the Oelyte to instantly learn skills.

Costuming Requirements

  • Birdlike features
  • Feathery eyebrows
  • Beak optional

Oelyte History

Oelytes have an avian ancestry. While they have lost the ability of flight, the do still have bird-like features. They are an extremely intelligent people and excel in science and knowledge. Their history is primarily peaceful, but they are capable of becoming skilled warriors should the need arise.