• Presence (PRE) (+10)
  • Combat Sense
  • Primary Faith (+1) – Choice from: Diakonoff, Kishar, Oberim, or Icarmodoro
  • Anima

This is a locked Piety slot is in addition to any Piety purchases made and exists outside of the forced pyramid structure that Piety skills must normally follow. This Piety slot must reflect the Primary Faith point chosen and may never be changed for another or another prayer. All prayers cast through this Piety act as if they were prayers prepared through normal Piety slots. Prayers cast in this manner may be used only ONCE per period and do not cost Faith. These prayers may not be Scribed. See below for list of prayers by deity.

    • Anima of Life (Kishar) – Caster may extend the First or Second Stage of target’s Death Count by 1 minute. Discipline: Kinesis. Range: Touch
    • Anima of the Fearless (Diakonoff) – Caster removes target from the effects of Fear or Interrogation. Caster may not be the target of this prayer. This prayer does not grant the target the use of Courage. Discipline: Augury. Range: Touch
    • Anima of the Wise (Oberim) – Caster is able to discern the identity of target spell or prayer. Target spell or prayer may be cast or latent. Spells and prayers identified in this manner grant the caster the name of the spell or prayer, and the corresponding Deity or Arcane Knowledge. Discipline: Augury. Range: Point-and-Click; 20′
    • Anima of Bloodlust (Icarmodoro) – Caster may swing +1 Damage. Duration: 30 seconds. Discipline: Augury. Range: Personal


  • Starting Build (17)
  • -1 Maximum Body (3 Total)

Purchasable Lacrea Abilities

  • 2 Build: Read Prayer

Lacreans are not familiar with the script used with the Common tongue, and instead use the divine prayer script to communicate, so they may ignore the prerequisites when purchasing this skill.

  • 5 Build: Divine Strike (3 Presence)

Allows the character’s next weapon strike to swing for +1 Divine Damage.

Costuming Requirements

Being a subterranean people, the Lacreans don’t particularly enjoy the sun. When they walk the surface, they prefer to keep themselves covered in shawls, turbans, robes, etc. in effort to stave off the sun’s beating rays. Often times, this doubles as a method of conserving modesty and humility.

Any exposed skin must have 50% coverage with prosthesis’s that resemble ‘scarring’ or leathery, dermal deposits, with the exceptions of hands.

Lacrean History

The Lacrea are a subterranean race native to Feragothe who emerged from the Abyss in AoC 77. They are a deeply pious peoples, with each Lacrean being born into a caste corresponding to one of the four deities. No matter their caste, all Lacreans revere Oberim, who they credit with their creation. Many young Lacreans are very curious, yet naive, gaining wisdom and reticence as they age.