• Dexterity (DEX) (+10)
  • Keen Senses (1 use) – Negate a single Surprise Attack per event.
  • Herbal Remedy
  • Fortified Tolerance

Gen’ii maintain their physical faculties, even while intoxicated. Gen’ii do not suffer any penalties while drunk, but may still pass out from intoxication.


  • Starting Build (17)
  • -1 Maximum Body (3 Total)
  • May not wear armor in locations 9 (Right Lower Leg/Right Foot), and 10 (Left Lower Leg/Left Foot).

Purchasable Gen’ii Abilities

  • 4 Build: +1 Keen Senses per event (max. 5)
  • 2 Build: Apprentice Craft: Textiles 
  • 2 Build: Surefooted

Costuming Requirements

  • Deer horns
  • Fur pants

Gen’ii History

Gen’ii are deer-satyrs that hail from Merdensa and initially lived in what is now known as Southern Grendon. The Gen’ii are as far from their bearded brethren of legend, being very loyal to familial ties and not being afraid to engage in strategically executed warfare. They were pushed into the Fendenglades around -350 AoC by humans. They lived in the Fendenglades alongside all of its horrors until AoC 76 where they began venturing into Southern Grendon, the Sethen lands, and beyond.