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Wild Elf





Wilderness Survival


No Metal Armor – Due to a negative reaction with the metal, wild elves have found they contract a poison if they wear metal armor for a prolonged time

Starting Build (9)

Starting Body (4)

Racial Abilities

Tracking Evasion, 4 Build
Enhanced Bow Proficiency, 12 Build – Grants a Wild Elf +1 base damage with a bow.

Costuming Requirements

Pointed ear tips
Earthy colored clothing

Wild Elf History

Wild Elves are distant cousins of the True Elves. They were first encountered on the new continent in AoC 57. Their technology is primitive, but their culture is advanced and refined. They see themselves as Kishar’s chosen people. They are mostly kind and generous, but their ferocity and unorthodox tactics in combat make them dangerous opponents.


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