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True Elf



+4 points Magic Controls

+4 points Magic Knowledge

+2 Rank 1 spell slots, locked

Read Magic


-1 Body (3)

Starting Build (11)

Racial Abilities

Spell Purge, Cost 7 build
The ability of True Elven mages to replace memorized spells with new ones from his/her spell book. Once per period the mage may go to logistics or see a Marshal to trade any unused spell slots for different spells.

Costuming Requirements

True Elves have pointed ear tips and typically wear fine clothing.

True Elf History

True Elves are perhaps the most ancient of all races. Their history and legends extend back for millennia. Because of this long and bright history, they view themselves as the most civilized race. To them, all other cultures are crude and unenlightened. True Elves have an unusual aptitude for use of magic. They claim it is because they have evolved into a higher state of consciousness. Other people just think they’re arrogant.