Unarmed Fighting – May use claws, small weapon size, cause 1 damage 

1 Poison/Disease Resist per event

2 Poison Spit per event – causes one damage, may be used all at once or incrementally


No Medium or Heavy Armor – Due to their natural armor, most Sethens can not stand to have medium or heavy armor over their scales. It is rumored however that the elite among their kind have surpassed this disability.

Starting Build (9)

Starting Body (4)

Racial Abilities

+1 Poison/Disease Resist per event, 3 Build
The Sethen metabolism is particularly resistant to toxins. Each packet allows a Sethen the opportunity to defend against any sort of poison or disease that enters the system. The ability must be used immediately following the administration of a toxin. Each resist will automatically negate the effects of a single poison or disease. This ability does not need to be taught.

+1 Poison Spit per event, 2 Build
A Sethen may generate poisonous saliva and discharge it by spitting it at an opponent. Throw a spell packet to represent the spit. Poison Spit may be used one at a time, all at once, or in any combination up to max. This ability does not need to be taught.

+1 Natural Armour point per event, 1 Build, Max 20 armor, regenerates in 1 month may buy 2 per event
Their tough, scaly hide provides extra defense for the Sethen. Natural Armour works just like normal armor, except it cannot be repaired quickly. It takes a full month to heal itself. This ability does not need to be taught.

Costuming Requirements

Earth toned(Greens, browns, grays)  face paint with scales or scaled mask

Sethen History

Sethen are a reptilian race with vaguely lizard-like features. Their skin is scaly and ranges from green to brownish in color. They have only recently involved themselves in world affairs. Their culture is has a rigid hierarchy by which a member can only increase in social status by performing exceptional feats. Their duels for dominance can sometimes turn deadly. Sethen are excellent warriors but are accomplished in other fields as well. They hold personal honor amongst their highest ideals.