• +2 Body (6 Total)
  • Club
  • Hearty Stomach

Allows an Orc to eat one expired ration (up to 1-year-old) per event.

  • Improvise!

Allows an Orc to use their currently held weapon or shield for 1 minute if Broken. If Broken again, this effect ends immediately. The orc may use skills and passive skills as normal with a Base Damage of 1. For example, if you have Prof +2 with your current weapon, you would swing for 3 damage and can use all your skills as normal until the duration ends.


  • Starting Build (20)
  • x2 Ration Upkeep (Orcs require two Rations per event.)

Purchasable Racial Abilities

  • 6 Build: Brute Strength

Orcs can naturally amass muscle quicker and easier than other races. This allows a character to deal +1 Damage with all melee attacks. Additionally, the character may push or throw items of human size up to 10′, or carry up to two people. Other uses require a director’s approval. This stacks with Strength Rush and Incredible Strength.

  • 2 Build: Apprentice Craft: Fisher

Orcs live much of their life near coasts or aboard ships and so have a natural aptitude for fishing.

Costuming Requirements

  • Green face paint
  • Fangs

Orc History

Orcs are a green-skinned race, but they are certainly not reptilian. Their origins are unclear due to their lack of written history. The Orcs are renegades and scavengers. Their mighty fleets of long-ships have caused problems for nearly every other seafaring race. They are feared by isolated coastal towns that are constantly in danger of being sacked and plundered by these fearsome people. Their chaotic and sometimes barbarous nature has prevented them from being accepted by the other dominant societies. No one has ever been able to maintain any sort of treaty with the Orcs, so they are mostly left out of world politics. The Orcs, however, don’t seem to mind.