• +1 Body (5 Total)
  • Magic Resist (5 uses per event)
  • Choice of a single skill from the following: (Small Shield, Medium Shield, or Large Shield)


  • May not purchase from the Sorcery, Ritualist, or Enchanter Skill Spheres
  • Starting Build (19)

Purchasable Racial Abilities

  • 2 Build: +1 Magic Resist per event

The Dwarves are particularly resistant to magical energies. Each Magic Resist allows a Dwarf the opportunity to defend against any sort of Spell/Ritual that is cast upon him. This ability is automatically activated whenever the Dwarf is the target of a Spell/Ritual and must be used at the time the Spell/Ritual is cast. The spell’s effect is immediately Negated. This ability does not need to be taught.

  • 7 Build: Shield Prof

Dwarves are experts at fighting with a shield, as such they can Negate the effects of 1 Break Shield per event. This skill may only be purchased once.

  • 8 Build: Dwarven Efficiency

Dwarves are born workers; strong and tough. They are raised in a culture where nothing is put to waste. A character with this skill is considered to have one level of efficiency higher with any craft he knows. This skill applies to any and all crafting a Dwarf may perform. In the event that a Dwarf is a master of a craft or has master efficiency they craft at -1 Crafting Point per item/action. If the unit value of an item is 1 Crafting Point or less, the Dwarf crafts at +1 units per Crafting Point.

Example 1: An Apprentice Craft: Farmer produces at a Journeyman rate.
Example 2: An alchemist with Alchemical Efficiency produces at an Alchemical Mastery rate.
Example 3: A smith with Expert Efficiency produces at -1 Crafting Point per item.
Example 4: A Master Craft: Tanner produces 4 units of hide per Crafting Point instead of 3 units per Crafting Point.

Costuming Requirements

  • Must have or wear prominent facial hair

Dwarf History

The Dwarves are one of the most ancient races. They are particularly adept at metal crafting and mechanical creations. They are a very stalwart people and have never developed an aptitude for casting magic, although their master smiths can produce items with impressive qualities. When a Dwarf gives his word, he will honor it, no matter what the consequences. In the same regard, Dwarves never forget a betrayal, whether it be personal or against their entire race. To this day, there is some friction between the Dwarves and Elves over some ancient slight. The Elves aren’t really sure what started it all and the Dwarves refuse to talk about it. The Dwarven kings say that in the interest of peace, they have put the situation behind them, but it is never truly forgotten or forgiven.