Wilderness Survival

+10 END

Rage (6 Endurace) – A player may summon temporarily enhanced strength and perform feats beyond his/her normal abilities. The character may deal +1 Damage with all melee attacks. Additionally, the character may push or throw items of human size up to 10′ out of combat, or carry up to two people. Other uses require game staff approval. Duration: 1 minute. This effect stacks with Strength Rush and Incredible Strength 

+1 Body (5)


Starting Build (8)
x2 Build for reading skills (Literacy, Advanced Literacy, Read Magic, Read Prayer)

Racial Abilities


Costuming Requirements

Shaggy hair
Fur and pelt clothing
Bone or wooden bead jewelry

Barbarian History

Barbarians closely parallel humans in their physical appearance and biology. They were first encountered on the new continent in AoC 56. It is thought that they may be descendants of humans, but they exhibit some traits that indicate other influences. The term barbarian was given to this race by the humans who first had contact with them. It is indicative of their crude, primitive, tribal social structure. They are a physically strong people, but have little aptitude for skills that require abstract thinking. They are frequently seen in the new settlements, but have not completely adapted to village life.