New Character Build Incentive

New characters now have an unlimited Service Point conversion up to 40 total build. Once the limit of 40 total build has been reached, (by earned build per event, service point conversion, donation conversion, or any combination thereof) you will then be capped per event as usual at a 200 Service Points (2 Build) conversion rate.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that if you start as a new character and have less than 40 total build, you are able to donate or exchange build cards as much as you would like up to the 40 total build cap. There is one limitation; If you are using this purchased, earned, or converted build to start as a new character, you cannot purchase skills above Tier 3 on any Sphere.

With the introduction of this new opportunity, any character who is currently under 40 total build also has the opportunity to donate or convert build cards up to 40 total build. If you obtain this build any time after your first event, it is added into your earned build that can be used to learn skills in game. Once your character is established in the game, you cannot use this build to immediately purchase new skills off screen, but can use this to learn during events at an accelerated rate.

For example: Lauren is making a new character and has 20 total build. She decides she would like the opportunity to boost her character to 40 build, and hands over 20 build in Build Cards, or pays $200.00 as a donation. Jon is helping Lauren make her character, so Jon now changes Lauren’s total build to 40 and Lauren can use that build to enter the game with a few extra skills and abilities. She chooses Brawn, Long Arms, and Defender as her declared spheres, and can use her 40 total build prior to entering the game to build out her skills up to Tier 3 on any of her chosen spheres.

A second example: Ryan has a new character and has 15 build. He decides he would like the opportunity to boost his character to 40 build, but doesn’t have the funds or build cards at this time to boost to 40 at once. So, for this first event he donates $40.00 and hands in 4 build worth of build cards from helping with storage runs. This lets him start with 23 build at character creation. He cannot purchase any Tier 4 or Tier 5 abilities on any sphere, but is able to branch himself out a bit. At his second event, he donates another $40.00 at check in, which brings his total unspent build to 7. His spent build remains 23, but his total build is now at 30. Ryan continues this trend, donating a little more every time (or turning over build cards), until he eventually reaches the 40 total build cap and from there on out can only convert 200 Service Points (2 Build) per event as usual.