AARs are After-Action-Reports. This allows a character to go somewhere or do something in between events. This is meant to allow players to continue their game outside of the event weekend. This is not meant to make the game into a mud or text based game. AARs should be short and to the point and should not include if then statements. You are only allowed to do a single thing, so no laundry list of things you want to do. A good AAR should be kept to about 5 sentences or less. Some skills can also be used inside of an AAR, like Research  or Pick-Pocket.

Player’s can send their AAR to the following email address: Wyvernrisinglarp@gmail.com

Crafting AAR

A crafting AAR allows players with Crafting Skills to create or repair various items, weapons, armour, etc.

Any questions concerning a Crafting AAR should be sent to the following: wrcrafting@gmail.com

A character can use 420 minutes in-between events or 840 minutes in-between seasons to craft. The time limits for a crafting AAR are done for game balance purposes.

Any player that wishes to submit a Crafting AAR should use the following form.

Crafting AAR Form