Crafting Updates

Greetings fellow Wyvernites! Today we get to bring you your latest dose of LARP hype, the Season 18 Crafting Patch Notes. (Whoo!) There's a lot to cover, but here are some of the highlights: 1. Crafting Times - There have been a lot of tweaks to crafting times (particularly smithing). This was so we could [...]

By |2021-07-26T23:29:44-04:00July 26th, 2021|

Big changes and new website!

Corsothans, Wyvernites, and LARPers! Jonathan here with enough hype to last you for the rest of your days. The Wyvern Rising Alternate Reality Specialists would like to introduce the single largest update to the Wyvern Rising system since the game's launch 15 years ago. What you're about to see is a labor of countless [...]

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