Hello players and friends,

The Game Staff and player teams are planning a busy offseason to update and enhance our game.  Part of that is updating the website (https://wyvernrising.org/) with new structure, content, and new artwork as well as publishing a complete rulebook.

To that end, Wyvern Rising is interested in commissioning some new artwork for our website and the rulebook.  This will be a professionally paid commission, meaning we’ll be negotiating a fair price, scope of work, and delivery timeline with the artist (or artists) we select.  The requested art will include symbols (e.g. the symbols of the gods), characters (e.g. a generic Lacrea), and filler work for a rulebook (e.g. potion bottles, scrolls).  Before posting our requirements on a freelancer site, we thought we’d ask our friends first.

So, if you, or an artist you know, are interested in being paid to create new artwork for our group, please reach out to us at wyvernrisinglarp@gmail.com and include a sample of your work or a link to your portfolio that demonstrates your skill and the style in which you propose our website and rulebook artwork is drawn. We are looking for professional, polished character art, logo design, object, and/or and still-life art as examples. Please do not forget to watermark your art submissions.

We will be accepting proposals until 11/26 at which point we’ll begin our selection process and reach out to the artist or artists we feel are best suited to create the style and quality of artwork that we’re looking for. The selection will take place on 11/29 and you will be privately contacted regarding the decision. Please do not submit for consideration unless you are certain that you will have the time to meet with us as well as complete the work in the deadlines we establish with you.