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Help Wanted

Post by JessicaD Wyvernstaff » Thu May 03, 2012 11:31 am

Looking for some SP to convert for more Build? Donations are a great way to earn some points. Players often search for the coolest, most unique or obscure item to give us as a donation. Unfortunately really unique items often don't get used much and really don't benefit the game as much as some more mundane 'stuff' can. Here is a list of suggested donations that are easy to find and we can almost always use. We would love to receive these items on a regular basis because it helps us concentrate our time and funds on bigger, better props!

Updated November 5, 2012
Baby Wipes or Face Wipes
Rolls of Paper Towels
Bottles of Torch Oil
Bottles of Lamp Oil
Dish Detergent
Paper Plates
LARGE Trash Bags (40 gallon is ideal)
Sam's Choice soda (from Wal-Mart)
Hot Dogs/Hamburgers and/or Buns (Please notify us about these first since we don't want spoilage!)
Medium Shields
Boffer Arrows (Please contact us first if you want to take this on, we would like someone with experience.)
Shades Masks (These are those masks that have black hoods and black mesh over the front of them so that you can't see the person wearing it, but the person wearing it can see out.)
Battery Powered (flameless) Candles (Pillar style)
Duct Tape, Brown, Silver (grey), Black, White, Tan

If you can't get out shopping and still want to make a donation, we also accept cash donations to the Wyvern Group. $10 donation gets you 100 SP.

Of course we always need people to devote their precious time to help us with set up and especially clean up for event weekends.

The above items are common consumables that we use a LOT of, but they are also easy for players to purchase and donate for a few extra SP. So, when looking to make a purchase for Wyvern Rising, consider the list above! We appreciate these items at least as much as those cool, unique, and obscure props! WATCH THIS LIST ABOVE FOR CHANGES AND ADDITIONS OF MORE ITEM SUGGESTIONS. Remember, no matter how many Service Points you accumulate, you can convert a maximum of 200 SP (for 2 Build) per event.
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